Thursday, July 24, 2008

Under The Big Top

I have gotten so much accomplished in the last two days and there is a reason for it. We have had carpeting being replaced and so I had to be here which means that Bella went to day care, no working out, no dropping by for a quick visit, no running to the store. I was in my element. I got major stuff done for the wedding, and lots of stuff that was on my to do list for our Six Hole guest day which is looming ahead on August 4th.

After the carpet layers left tho' I had time to play. As you know, play involves some nourishment so I complied and had a bite.

This is only one tenth of the food. I would have gotten pics of them all but I was getting looks (which really don't bother me in the slightest) and there were so many grazing women that getting close to the tables
was almost an inpossibility. The theme for this years 9 hole guest day is "Under The Big Top" and going along with that theme were hot dogs with all the trimmings along with regular peanuts and my all time favorite sugar substitute, circus peanuts. I was neglectful of the picture taking and should have shown you that these treats were served up in old time popcorn containers. Very clever.
These little 'pies' were made by Regina. They are little pie crusts cut out in star shape and I think were baked in a mini muffin tin to get the curved shape. (Genie will let me know if I am wrong!!!) Then, inside these adorable tarts is a fresh blueberry filling and a dollop of whipped topping. They were a big hit and what I like most is her serving plate that you can change the ribbon to whatever theme or holiday you want.
I am the guest for this event and next to me is Eileen, my benefactor. We will be playing with Nora (in jeans)and her guest today. It should be a good time.
Here we have a gathering of just a few of the 150 women that will be joining us today. Now, where's my red nose?

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Del said...

I'm lost again! If your event isn't until Aug 4th, what is all this food intended for? Guess I missed somemthing because it reads to me that you were going to eat everything. Not even you!