Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's In The Box?

Last night was our fifth gathering of some of the Six Holer's and I finally had the where with all

to bring my camera. As you can see, everyone is holding pretty true to our black, white and khaki color scheme. As of next week we will be adding a trivia game to our after play festivities called PubStumpers. That should be interesting. I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone what someone else did thirty years ago!!!!
Look how cute this little suede chair is that I bought on line last week and had in my position by yesterday!!! It's almost faster to shop on line than to figure out what you want, then figure out where to go to get it and worse of all, getting your butt in gear to go get it. Sitting on your rump shopping is SOOOOOOOOO much easier. This chair came from Crate and Barrel and is for the new bedroom. I am getting it ready (except for any thing on the wall; I am so not there yet) because I will have a full house this holiday weekend and may need to use the new room. It hasn't even been broken in yet.
While cleaning out the garage, I happened to notice this box that was marked tv tray. This is not just any tv tray; it's one that Peter gave me several Christmas' s ago and when I moved I couldn't part with it but didn't have any place for it. Now I do and this room will be mostly Peter's anyway so it's only fitting.
How cute is this. The picture does not do it justice but it has a central plate, fork knife and spoon on the sides, a side bowl, a glass, a candle, salt and peppers, a bud vase and another little glass. It is missing a wine glass and I tried to put one of my regulars in the wine spot but my stems are too long so I will have to look for a 'libby' type wine glass to fit the spot.

I plan on making some food today because company starts coming tomorrow. I have a house warming tonight so I had better get a crackin'.


Cindra said...

Oh, I do love that tv tray! Where in the world did he find that?

dee said...

Great looking group of golfers. Hope the weekend goes well. I know they will eat well!