Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where Do Those Polygamists' Get Those Dresses And Who Does Their Hair?

My girl appreciates a good sunset. Here she is, on her ottoman waiting for the sun to fade into the west. I kid you not.
My girlfriends, the quilters, are visiting, along with my sis Mike. They arrived yesterday afternoon and we immediately set up our sweat shop. This is pretty funny. We were talking and because I always call this gang of mine 'the quilters' they thought that it was only fitting that they come to Maggie's wedding with dresses similar, if not exact, to those lovely dresses that the women in the polygamist sect wear that recently hit the news. Then, when they
entered, everyone would say, 'oh, those must be the quilters'. Just at that moment, they would pull the side of their tear away dresses to reveal drop dead gorgeous skimpy, slinky, glittery, strapless cocktail dresses. Who's lookin' like a quilter now they taunt.

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Cindra said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. We want photos to document the event!