Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You're Cracked

Well, I have tried at least ten times unsuccessfully to upload the first three pictures of this blog. They come out as little black frames with a red x in the center. There is no possible reason for it and I am stumped and pissed by it. Okay, so I am over it now.

Last night we all got into our cars and went to the Cracked Egg Cooking School. It's a new business that has classes for groups and is just a fun get together. The first picture was the adorable building that it is housed in. Picture a little yellow bungalow. Next was the paperwork for the evening. It had the itinerary and recipes. Regina hosted this group and because she recently went to France to visit little Kelly (dd) and loved the food, the basis of the class was all things having to do with her favorite salad. I have a picture but blogger won't let me post it.

This picture is of the

darling light fixture that is over the table where all the wine is kept. We could bring in wine and so we did.
This little corner of the kitchen is where some aprons hang for us to use if we need to cover up. I did a little mise en place to help out.
Here we are before we got to the business of cooking. It was a great group of gals.
This is Helen, who is the chef/instructor. I met her years ago and she does a fine job of instructing and gabbing.
Here are some of the students, studying their handouts and taking notes.
Here's Ellie, helping out in the demo with Helen.
Kate looks a little star struck in this picture, like maybe she heard someone talking about her behind her back? Laura and Sheila are divving up the olive tapanade that we made. We also had quiche, chicken salad in little wonton cups, mini burgers, and mango salsa. All in all it was a great evening.

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dee said...

That sounds like so much fun. Love olive tapanademmmmm mm...but where's our adorable Regina?