Saturday, August 09, 2008

Beijing Olympics

This is my take on the Beijing fiesta. I am a girl of simple thoughts.
I have decided to give you a little sum up of things that I found interesting at the Olympic Opening ceremonies. And as always, I like to put a little bit of food in the equation. I will show you a sampling of some of the local delicacies. If Matt Lauer can do it, so can I.

Chicago is in the top four contending for the 2016 summer Olympics. He has been in China this week observing the preparation for Opening ceremonies. The other possibilities that Chicago is up against are Madrid, Tokyo and Rio De Janeiro.

I couldn't figure out why the Chinese chose the order of the countries to file in but then one of the commentators said that because they have no alphabet they are basing the order in the number of strokes in the character that represents the country's name. As is always the case, Greece starts and the host country is last.

Gettin' hungry yet? Shimon Peres, the Prime Minister of Israel is staying at a hotel very close to the 'birdsnest' (new coliseum where ceremonies were held) because the ceremony may carry over to Saturday and he can't get a ride as that would violate his Sabbath, he would walk back to his hotel. I'd just hop in the car when no one was looking!!

Paraguay is the only country in the United Nations that has a flag that is different on one side than the other. One side is the Seal of the Treasury and the other side is the National Coat of Arms. That makes for a much more difficult flag to make.

I thought that painting that they started in the Opening and then had the athletes walk on paint to add their footsteps was a pretty cool idea. I think we are going to see that work of art again.

When I posted this photo I had to ask Bella to leave the room. It's colorful; I'll give them that!!!

Did you know that Liberia was founded by freed American slaves? I did not know that.

Saudi Arabia does not allow women to compete. They are not even allowed to drive and need permission from a man to travel or to work. The United Arab Emirates country let women compete for the first time in this Olympics. It just so happens that the two women competing are the daughters of the Prime Minister. As Matt Lauer or Bob Costas said, 'but I am sure that that is just a coincidence'. Hummm.

A new country to join the Olympic community is Tuvalu (ever heard of it?)/ It is an island between Hawaii and Australia .

I guess this is kinda like having a slab of ribs but for some reason it appears to be disgusting. Again, colorful.

Poland's women had on shiny cocktail dresses with matching wraps on. They looked out of place and a bit silly.

The flag of Belarus is quite good looking. I just downloaded this picture of it and it definitely does not do it justice. It needs to be a real flag with movement. Next time you're there, take a look.

Niger had one athlete. (I didn't say this summation was going to be interesting, to you that is, did I?)

What I couldn't keep my eyes off of was the 'cheerleaders' that rimmed the arena where the teams walked to. They definitely moved a lot more in the first half of the procession but they still tried to keep moving; keeping animated for a couple hours. They had waist holsters on that had a water bottle in them but I never saw one of the girls take a bottle out.

If cicadas only come around every 17 years, how do they manage to have such a nice selection over there when I can't hardly find them at my local grocery?

The President of Gabon, Omar Bongo (gotta love the guy for his name alone) is in his 41st year of ruling. He has promised any athlete a dream house of their own and untold riches if they can bring home a Olympic medal. I think someone from another team should move there. That's what I'd do!!

The Hungary outfits were hideous. The girls wore dresses of white with red flowers (passable at a garden party). Oh, did I forget to mention that the women had hats on; suitable for the Kentucky Derby. What were they thinking?

There is a new event, called Open Water Swim and there is a South Africa amputee, Natalie Du Toit (another great name) who lost part of her leg in a motorcycle accident that is competing in it.

Did you know that Norway won more medals in Olympics in cold weather sports than any other country? I would never have guessed that.

The Russian men had bad shirts on. Ireland is the fastest growing country as far as population, in Europe. Another surprise.

China is known for it's silk, as you know, and it's not just for wearing. They eat the worms too. Wanna snake skewer?


Beth in TN said...

Are these things they eat over there "regularly" or did they make all their "special" dishes just for the Olympians? Nothing I'd touch with a 10-foot pole and I consider myself somewhat adventuresome as a food taster.

Jeri said...

Gadz, I watched the opening ceremony for hours. I could've been doing something much more productive had I known that you would have such an excellent commentary of the event on your blog! I live in WA state, and we get Canadian TV, too. While our channels were showing the opening ceremony, Canada was watching live events. They had shown the ceremony early in the day. This is bad for me, because now I will be sitting in front of the TV all day AND all night!

Cindra said...

You and I noticed the same thing in the show, except I don't think the Hungarian dresses would be suitable for a garden party either... they were just plain ugly! They didn't seem to mind.... and the hats would be embarrassing at the Kentucky Derby... too much of a pillbox look.

That food grosses me out... I am gong to go over and sit with Bella so I don't have to see it. Our Cicadas aren't that big.

I thought the little 9 year old Chinese boy was adorable and very calm and poised for his age and situation. I mean really, Yao was holding cool!

Anonymous said...

I am coming back to comment on your long interesting post, but my son told me earlier that when all the flags were hoisted,(Is that gramatically correct, hoisted?)the Chinese flag flattered wildly, while the other nations' flags didn't because the Chinese had a fan built into their flag pole.

See the type of people they are!

I've been to China and wouldn't go there again, not even as a corpse.
Very unfriendly people and DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR FOOD WHILST EATING IN A RESTAURANT, THEY WILL POISON YOU. This is not a rumour, this was my first hand experience.
I've lived in Asia, and of all the peoples there the Chinese were the worst.
My grandfather was chinese btw.

My sister is at the Olympics, I couldn't help but call her a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Love this entry!