Thursday, August 21, 2008

China Beach

It's only fitting that I share you the beach scene in China, what with the Olympics winding down.
It doesn't seem possible.

These were sent to me with the caption under it, which fits my sentiments to a 't'.
Where are the bathrooms? Where do these people park their cars? Do they have lifeguards? How in the HELL do you get a tan?


Brenda said...

Ah...this makes me appreciate the view out my window even more...

dee said...

even though it's outdoors-this is a picture definition of the word claustrophobic to me. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

As a rule Asians don't like to get brown/tanned.
They glorify in 'white' skin and the whiter they look the higher their caste/status.

Brown skin signifies outdoor work, outdoor labor which means the brown skinned person is not educated or of an upper caste/class so that person has to do lowly outdoor work. Work like farming, construction etc comes under this thinking.

During the summer months in Asia you will see pale skinned women walking beneath umbrellas made of cotton, white cotton pique or eyelett cotton.

When you read contact Ads placed by Asians seeking partners, light skinned/white skinned is always a selling point for them.
'Wanted: Young educated partner for our daughter. Daughter is University educated (insert numerous degrees here), of very light skin or very white skinned etc.'

That is the saddest, sickest SxxT I have ever seen!

So where are the toilets?
What toilets? Chances are they had to shower and wash their hair before being allowed on the beach!