Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Grub And Stuff

Do you remember Frau? She became somewhat of a mascot for the Six Hole League, having made her presence at the very first guest day, some four years ago. She
has been passed around (always in the cover of darkness) sporting different garb. It's no surprise then that she decides to go pirate. Oddly enough, she managed to find herself on the first hole of Six Hole play. She came

with her own sign that says, 'Closest to Frau' Last foursome bring her to dinner. Notice she is now carrying a treasure chest and a skull on top of it.
The golf game itself started out with a treasure map; well, not really. It was totally fake but it looked damn good
to start out with. It gave instructions as to what to do on each hole. Each hole had something wacky to do.

An example of one is that you had to play the whole hole using this practice plastic ball. Needless to say, after the mandatory 10 strokes and you pick up your ball came into action on this hole. One hole you had to tee off on a plank, as in walk the plank. You get the drift.
Each pirate, wench or whatever you were received their own pirate chest willed with chocolate filled gold coins.

As is usual, everyone brought a white elephant for later fun. That will be shared at a later time.
This is the centerpiece for the dinner tables. Unfortunately I took this picture while assembling it at home and never did take a picture of it on the night of the bash on the black and red tables. I forgot.

Then came the food. We started out with bread, torn of course. Then came the tray of fruit, to prevent scurvy. This platter was massive but by the time I remembered to take the picture, it was half gone. You know, them pirates love their fruit!!!!
Then came the main course; turkey legs, ribs, sausage, corn and boiled potatoes. Looks good? Tasted even better than it looked, if that's possible.
Here is one of my mates, Kathleen, using a forbidden utensil to get to her meat. I think she got the knife out of her waist (or teeth).
Dessert came in a glass boat with puff pastry sails and a skull and crossbones flag atop. I rarely do the dessert thing, but I had to sucumb to this black cherry concoction. It was grand.


Cindra said...

Hey, I think I can play with those rules!
The party gets even better with the food!

Anonymous said...

I think the best part of all this is the not a meat eater myself, it does look delish.