Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Again

We got back in town at around midnight last night. There was no lallygagging' as far as me and G are concerned. We flew to New Orleans due to wanting a direct flight, and then drove for over three hours, in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, which was frightfully close to Florida. We barely got lost at all. On our return flight we weren't so lucky. While we were dressing for the funeral we got a call from American Airlines informing us that, due to a non full plane, they cancelled it. Two hours on the phone and we ended up being waylaid in Dallas (their hub) and then back home. We picked up a very sleepy Bella from the sitter, not far from the airport.
While in Dallas I happened on this massive vending machine. It had just about anything you could ask for and it was always open. I saw something similar in Europe (either France or Italy) that was actually outside and at the time almost reminded me of a tiny convenience store. It was a long time ago, right after Peter graduated from college.
Without even trying, I managed to find some cool art in the airport as well. This is a wood sculpture (I think) that reminded me or rope coiling up (or down. The shape of it is very appealing. It was in a little room that had a computer and a tv. That's as observant as I got.

Now we are back to the routine that is our life. Bella is going to doggie daycare, G is heading back to the airport for a contract signing in Vegas and I am heading first to the Dollar Store to pick up an order I placed some time ago that is now in (and I am picking it up today because it is tax free Wednesday), and I am meeting Maggie in the city for one of the few remaining times to iron out some of the last stuff outstanding for the BIG DAY. Did I tell you that the invites were sent out? I will have to get permission to show you but I will ask today. I sound like a child !!

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Where is it tax free Wednesday?