Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Hang On

I woke up to a very interesting email and because it was something I stressed over I will gladly answer the question of

'why did you space the mini canvases so far apart?' I think they would look better closer.'
This is referring to yesterdays post that covered the hanging of my 16 pieces of new art.

My original layout for the grouping of 16 was for the magnificent art works to be spaced with 2 1/2" in between each other; both on top and bottom and sides. This is exactly what I did to begin with and my poor wall can attest to it. I always hang anything with two drywall screws - two for balance so every time the door slams, the pictures don't go askew and drywall because the head has the rim around them and seem to 'settle' in on the wood frame and stay put. So, the first two rows were spaced (with yardstick and level) to be 2 1/2" apart. That all went kaput when after a good hour I realized that the little 6 x 6 canvases were not plumb; not necessarily exact. Hanging them closer together just made this jump out at me. I eventually figured this out on my own and measured several and they went from 5 7/8" on the top to 6 1/4" on the bottom. It doesn't seem like much but believe me, it is when trying to make them look cohesive; hence, the 4 1//8" separation.

Oh, and hiding the original two screw marks (from the vege quilt) and then the 16 new and poorly spaced screw holes was a feat which I consider highly detailed, effective and warranted a two hour nap, which is just what Bella and I took!!!

I almost forgot !!! Last night, after six hole golf, and dinner, we played PubStumpers again and this time WE WON . It's just a little thing
but it does merit bragging rights; plus I got this bottle of vodka and I was just ready to get a new bottle to carry around in my purse and now I have it!!!


candiedfabrics said...

So for the person that liked them close together, I'm one that loves them this far apart. As you may remember, I'm into the separate pieces hung together thing. On Martha Marshall's blog ("An Artist's Journal) she often groups small pieces together and she often uses large spaces in between - and they look fabulous. I've actually got a huge piece (made of 36 small pieces) in the works using large spacing.

I'm trying to figure out WHY the larger spacing works...I'm thinking it's becasue the negative space becomes large enough to be part of the overall design, and with small spacing between pieces our eyes jump over the spaces - which often is the intent.

Anyway, I really don't know why, but I love the spacing!

TTFN - Candy in CA

Cindra said...

LOL! I love your "little bottle" to carry around. You are too funny.

Irene said...

Don't you just love a critic. When I looked at those, all I could think of was what a PITA it must have been to hang them all - AND you got them all straight! Like all good children were taught - if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

BTW, I think everyone needs one of those little accessories for their purse!

sion said...

FWIW, I like them hung with that spacing too. While I do love grouping small works, I'm impressed by the weight that extra space grants each wee canvas - it gives each one importance in its own right, IMO, rather than implying each is merely part of a greater whole.

dee said...

Me brain hurts! I love the way they look and, frankly, I'm a little crazy about you too! You need a jar of olives and a designer toothpick to finish that combo. I'll raise a glass to you later-you figure out the time difference, I plan to get a little wasted.