Friday, August 29, 2008

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I blogged later in the morning than regular and the blog consisted of one of the two wedding invitations we sent out. Almost immediately I got two emails as to whether I should be so bold as to put that information out on the Internet. I must say that I wasn't a bit surprised in receiving them; there was part of me, somewhere inside that was hesitant, to the extent that I was going to post them for a couple weeks and hadn't for some reason. I decided to scrap the blog, which you can do and it is gone forever. In order to show how cool (my thinking at least) they are, the particulars would be shown and that may not be such a good idea. We have limited seating in both the wedding and reception and so having lots of extra people showing up (ha ha) would not be good.

That leads me to show you some part of each invite that doesn't show anything more than the date of the wedding and a couple words.
These stamps are for the invite itself and then a smaller denomination for the reply card. We have two invites; one for what we call the 'adults' and one that we call for the 'kids'. Oh, on the above stamps the actual day of the wedding is not horribly visible in this photo because it is an outline of the numbers but is readily visible in actuality.

This is the reply stamp for the 'kids' invite

and here are the stamps for the actual invite. It needed two stamps due to the fact that it is a CD and the weight of it caused us to use two stamps. The kids (maybe 35 and under as an age range !!!) got a mix which
might not be as welcome to older invitees. The fact that I have had the CD and haven't listened to it in more than a month is probably a good sign that we made the right decision in chosing two different invites.
The calligraphy on the envelopes was one of my favorite parts of the whole package. Above Fitzsimmons there is a lighter cursive Mr and Mrs and through the Fitzsimmons it says gordon. I just love that.


Karen said...

The invitations/envelopes are very creative. I ran into a similar problem recently. I made my son and now daughter-in-law a quilt. They had a destination wedding but wanted a signature quilt for their reception back home. For the label on the back of their quilt I used one of their wedding pictures and wrote: This quilt was made to celebrate the marriage of X to Y. Even though I really wanted to show that portion of the quilt, I didn't because of the name/photograph privacy issues it might present. What a drag!

Marcia said...

These invites are the calligraphy on the invite envelope and the stamps are creative...wish I had seen it all while it was on the blog :)