Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Lady Or Not; You Tell Me.

I got this short story (true) yesterday and thought I would share it with you. I can so relate!!!

Yes, I Am an Old Lady

My girlfriend, Cathy and I were talking about getting some exercise and she mentioned that she goes to water aerobics twice a week. A vision like the one below, came into my head of a bunch of seniors, some fat and some not, bobbing in the water. I just wasn’t ready to admit that I was part of that group. In my mind, I think of myself as being younger looking than most of my senior friends. When friends say,” You don’t look like your age, you look at least 10 years younger than that”, I choose to believe them.

After giving it some thought, I decided to try the classes since I desperately needed exercise…What the Heck; I’ll take the darn class. I signed up for the class with some apprehension. Last night was my first class. I found my old swimming suit packed way down in the drawer; tried it on and decided maybe I wouldn’t look as bad if no one saw me from the behind. I was still thinking of the time a few years ago when I bought a new swimming suit. It didn’t look good on me but when I tried it on my darling grand daughter, who was about 7 years old at the time said “Grandma, turn around… I love it. You look gorgeous in it” and she was so sincere. So that is what was in my mind when I left with my beach towel with Tweety Bird on it and drove to class. As I was approaching the building that has the pool, I noticed that there were a lot of old people going into the building, I mean really old people. Nah, they can’t be in my class. My thought was they were probably taking an exercise class in the attached gym. I walked into class, looked around and started laughing. Most of the people that I saw walking into the building were in my class. I was sure right off the bat, that this was not the place that I would be meeting a husband. I ended up really enjoying the class and can’t wait until the next one. Everyone was so nice and I fit in perfectly, unfortunately. Oh my! Yes, I will now have to admit, I Am an Old Lady.


dee said...

last night my former(kidding) friend Terry was relating a story about how a "geezer" of 65 drove her crazy. After I hit her with my cane and called her a bitch-I stormed out(heeee)

Cindra said...

I took a water aerobics class at the Heartland and it was hard!!! LOL! I don't take those classes lightly.