Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sail Away With Me

I have had this wacky idea rolling around in my head for some time. It is a pirate ship made out of a watermelon. I saw it somewhere way back when and decided to do a couple as a centerpiece for the chow table tonight. I googled watermelon pirate ship and actually came up with stuff. I read a couple entries and off to the market or rather markets I went. The Farmers Market had watermelons but they had all looked round; plus I was on my bike. That wasn't gonna happen. So I got the car and returned and it was just breaking down for the morning and that sent me packin'. I hit three other stores before I could find one that was remotely a bit oblong. I am a guessin' that the new seedless tend to grow in a more circular form than the predecessors.

Here is one of two watermelon's that I marked with a thin marker to show me where to cut and I used my very newly sharpened knives to carve. Splitting the watermelon into two pieces was the most challenging of all. It pretty much takes brute strength.
You can cut in so far and the rest of it is pretty much a rip apart. This is what it looks like when it is separated.
This is one form of watermelon that I extruded out of the whole and here we have the not so pretty cousin of
of the melon ball. These are the ones that I gave permission to eat.
I was very proud of how clean I got my boats but I found out later that that may have caused me a lot of trouble. Out of the top half of the watermelon you cut out any of the sail shapes that you want to.
I tried to get these sails as thin as possible so they wouldn't be top heavy. That was all well and good but when you go to anchor your skewer with said sail it has nothing to grab onto with having cleaned my boat so well. This led to all sorts of crazy ways to keep the sail up. A plastic cup, tacks, a shish skewer and a lemon all added their part to the props. It probably would have been easier to go and get another watermelon and not clean out the bottom. Oh well.
More balls were made and I put the thing together as an example for my friends to look at when they have to
assemble these two boats for tonight because I will be coming home just about start time due to the bridal shower and the hour and a half between it and home. The fruit salad is much more detailed than this picture shows. There are grapes and strawberries and blueberries and pineapple to add but I didn't want to do that the day before so that lovely sight will just have to wait. I gotta run; my ship is sailing!!!!


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Beth in TN said...

You'll tackle anything!!! I can't believe some of the food and decoration-related tasks you try (and succeed at so beautifully!) You are truly an inspiration to us "all thumbs" gals!

dee said...

what fun! Love it.

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I continue to read your blog, you never fail to outdo yourself.