Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Season Begins !

When I brought up the topic of the comments on the pioneer woman yesterday, I wasn't doing it to get comments myself or even elude to that. I literally just can't believe that someone can get that many comments. I agree with Donna that I too, do the blog for myself. I use it as a diary of sorts. I have met many great people through comments so I am happy that they are an option but it's not a reason to blog.

Actually, I never answer a comment on the blog because it seems that I would bog the blog down in doing so. I may have to re think that now, after viewing comments to the contrary. Let's get your opinion; should I answer questions on the blog rather than privately which is how I have been doing it?? If so, should I answer them in the body of the blog or as a comment itself? I'll let you decide.

I forgot I took this picture while waiting for the bartender to catch my eye. Check out this

draft beer lever shaped like a telephone receiver and the name of this summer blended beer is 312, which just so happens to be the area code for downtown Chicago.

I stopped by The Cracked Egg Cooking School to drop off a mango cutter that I was gifting the two owners, who, by the by, didn't know that it existed. Anyway, they weren't there but as I was leaving the gift, I noticed some pretty cute things right in the entryway surround.

First, I thought this was a real bike that was just painted and used for a planter, but after a second I realized that it was made for just what it is; a sculpture with two flower pots on it. Hanging from the ceiling of the porch
was this adorable mobile, made of all sorts of kitchen things. Most of the things were made of metal to help with the melodious sound when the wind picks up.

This kitchen mannequin came in very handy for me to hang my little gift bag onto one of it's outstretched rolling pin arms.

I am hopping on my bike this morning and heading to the Farmers Market with a girlfriend . Then I am spending the rest of the day preparing for the 6 Hole Guest Day and Pre Party which is being held at my house tomorrow evening. I will be getting back just in time to greet my guests. I am heading to Chicago first thing tomorrow morning to help get the wedding invites together and mailed and then attend a bridal shower in The Greenhouse at the Ritz for high tea . My girlfriend Jayne is throwing the shower and it's for Maggie's girlfriends. This really starts the wedding seasosn. I am getting excited!!!


Cindra said...

Even I, a not so experienced cook, knew there was a mango cutter. I think I call it a mango thingy.

I always figured if you answered all the comments you wouldn't have time to do all that you do that we find so interesting, informative and entertaining.

dee said...

Don't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Dee! Keep doing what you do - we love it as is.

Donna said...

I return any comments I get in the comment section of my blog. I do it because I feel if people take the time to send a comment I should respond, and mostly because I would feel guilty if I didn't, but that is just me. That said however, I really have to wonder how many people go back to check to see if I have responded. Not many I would be willing to bet. I personally think your blog is perfect just the way it is.

P.S. I loved your little frog quilt.

Anonymous said...

Only "respond" privately, if you feel the need....otherwise, I think you like to spend your TIME doing other things!

Donna said...

Tommy, I discovered your blog not long ago and enjoy it very much. I'm all about humor and your sense of humor is great! I understand where you're coming from when you say that you're lucky if you get ten comments. My blog is fairly new and it's the same way for me. I created it to share creations, events, thoughts and to write a little humor. I was also hoping to make a few friends with other bloggers that share the same interests. Only when I participate in Pink Saturday do I get 10 or more comments though, and I don't want to do that every week so I've come to the conclusion that maybe not getting a lot of comments isn't a bad thing. I want people to come to my blog because they like my posts and not because they are obligated as part of an event. (Sorry for getting carried away there!) That being said, I think you should do whatever you feel like doing. It's your blog. If you don't really want to answer comments (or whatever) and you do it anyway, will it become like a job? Does it take some of the fun out of blogging? Do what YOU want to do.

Sheila in Ohio said...

When you start allowing your blog to become what others want, it's not your blog any longer. Plain and simple. Personally, I don't read the comments so wouldn't expect to see an answer in a blog post, nor would I look for one in a comments section. There are better ways to spend my time, so if I have a question I would prefer to be able to email you directly.

I think I started reading your blog because of a link about a quilt. I really like your eclecticism more though. And your awesome recipes.

If I could ask for anything on your blog it would be 'tags,' so that I could find the recipes easier.