Monday, August 25, 2008

Shop Til They Drop

After the shower at the racetrack, we had time to kill. Originally we were to go to the Sox game but because they changed the time, that wasn't an option. We had a multitude of things we were gonna do to replace the game. Little did we know that we would be at the races for as many hours as we were. That cut into our free time so we had to make some quick decisions of where to spend some time before dinner.
Because G really wanted to know what the time was in Tempe, and Claudia needed to relieve herself, we decided to go to Ikea. Don't worry,
I came in just in time to see if Claudia REALLY DID wash her hands after a visit to the little girls room. As it was I didn't check to see if she faked it or used real water. Sometime you just gotta let go.
Unfortunately, we missed out on the dollar breakfast. I am wondering what that stuff surrounding the egg matter is? Stir Fry?
Not knowing the store, we four foolishly entered on the wrong level and all we saw was the warehouse floor where you pick up what you wanted from up stairs and some bric a brac. Now it was my time for a potty break
and normally I just go to the first available pot, but it appears that someone may have thought about that before me. Great minds and all that.
Actually, Claudia dared me to do it. Then she said something dirty and I laughed along with her, so she wouldn't know that she tells bad jokes.
I love how they use the maximum of space at Ikea. The couches are suspended off the floor and on top of each other
just as the chairs are; and let me tell you, they
have lots of chair choices. While G and I were looking around, Bill and Claud went off on a date. It didn't last
long because they were back by our side in less than a minute.
Ikea had mighty fine looking area rugs. These colors are currently all the rage. And, do you think that there
could ever be a time when all these shopping carts are being used at one time? I'm glad we visited when we did. It was everyone (but my) first time there so it was well worth the trip. No purchases were made; it was just a drive by this time. Anyway, the natives were getting restless and hungry so we quickly got in the car

and found a suburban Bar Louie, which I didn't know existed. Bar Louie is one of my very fave bar food haunts in Chicago. They've come a long way baby.


Anonymous said...

Ok, a loo story for you.
Years ago whilst perusing bathroom displays in a fixtures supply store, my then 2yrs old dd happened upon such a toilet on display. She quickly threw up her dress, pulled down the panties and proceeded to sit on the toilet, well I caught her just that instant as she was settling in and I realised what was about to happen!!!LOL...

dee said...

Loved that anonymous comment! Kids really do keep us laughing.
Gorgeous shot of Maggie and the rest of the family is pretty darm good looking too! Glad the shower went well. It sounds like a really fun kind of day.
I love Ikea. It's a bit of a trip for me but worth the visit every time.

Irene said...

I love the picture of you laughing - it must have been a good one!