Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shower Power

Maggie's bridal shower yesterday started out with this album made into a bowl for the flower centerpiece to be placed in. For the how-to on melting the vinyl, go to here.
Regina was the maker of the bowls and did you happen to check out the featured artist? If you need eye assistance, it is the group Chicago; how apropos, wouldn't you say?
The table was set very fun with all sorts of colors. Each place setting had a bag of locally made 'Chicago Style' popcorn, which eventually found it's way into my mouth and was very tasty.
The guests arrived and for some reason, black and white polka dots were all the rage. Thoughts of multiple calls to each other saying, 'what are you gonna wear?' crossed my mind
Here we have the fantastic girlfriends, Micky, Regina and Linda, that put on this grand spread for my DD.
When asked what she liked to eat, I said bar food, knowing full well that it's my favorite and therefore Maggie has spent more than a day or two sitting up to the bar with moi, chomping on some small fried object. We had sliders, a hot dog, mozzarella sticks, poppers and fries. We had our choice of condiments too. It was quite delightful and all agreed. When it was served to us the waiter said, 'here's the triple bypass special you ordered'. Do you think that slowed one person down from eating it? Not a chance !!
Ya gotta have dessert and this sundae, complete with a cherry on top definitely hit the spot.
The guest of honor wasted no time opening all the lovely gifts and after completing her task at hand, Regina honored her with not one but two lovely nosegays to be used at her wedding ceremony rehearsal. All in all, it was a great gathering with great girlfriends, great food, great gifts and great organization. Did I say great enough times in that last sentence?
My friends posed for a picture that I am sure Maggie will want blown up, possibly to an 8x10 or 11x14 size to place on her mantel. I just had a thought; no fireplace. She's safe for now.


Cindra said...

It's no surprise that you have such a wonderful group of friends. Looks like all had a wonderful time and I think I gained a few calories just from clicking on the photos to look at them more closely.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Lucky Maggie. Wedding day is getting close, I believe. I hope she planned at least 2 weeks away afterwards to

Anonymous said...

Is your email working Tommy?