Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just found these two pictures on my camera. While in Chicago meeting up with Maggie, we found ourselves in need of a little something. The first place we came upon was called The Weather Mark Tavern and we were a little suspect from the outside of the place but upon entering we quickly changed our minds. What a cool place to pass some time !! The 'booths' are leather love seats in a 'U" pattern with a table in the center and little leather ottomans to boot. What so caught my fancy was how they separated one booth from another by a sail. Those two babes happen to be Maggie and her friend Britt.
The whole feel of the place was fun and clean and pleasant. Even the server was a doll. If you happen to find yourself in the south loop go down Michigan Avenue and give this place a whirl. Oh, by the by, the quesadillas were the bomb.
This is a tiny replica of a not so tiny bill board that just went up, featuring Taylor Davis Salon where I get all my beautification needs cared for. Tim Taylor is in the front row, sans hair, and he is my main caretaker of the hair. He's shaved bald in this picture but currently he is sporting a platinum white do. He likes to change it up.

Bill and Claudia are coming today to spend the weekend. There is a very special reason for this. Saturday is the family bridal shower (and last one !!) that is being thrown by Maggie's Aunt Mike. We were gonna go to the White Sox game after the afternoon shower but just since we started to make the plans on Tuesday, the powers that be changed the game from a 6 p.m. start to a early afternoon start. That stinks!!

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