Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm thinkin' that I may have to swap out my existing purse for one that has a little
more room, don't ya think?
I just read that this guy, Christian Siriano, the season 4 winner of Project Runway, is launching a maternity collection called Fierce (a favorite word of his) for Moody Mamas. That should be some collection. It almost makes me wish I was pregnant. Naw, now that I think about it, I take it back.

Also in the news is the shocking word on the street that William Peterson is leaving CSI and is being replaced by Laurence Fishburne. I can't picture the show without Billy boy but as they say, everyone is replaceable.

More facts that you really don't care about? Okay, here goes: The largest lobster ever caught was 44 pounds, 6 ounces and was caught off Nova Scotia in 1977, the year my son was born. The first lobster caught that was recorded was in 1605.

I bought a dress for the wedding at the end of June. It had to be cut opened for me to get into it. I kinda promised that I would lose a couple pounds (that I had put on) before the fitting. Well kids, that time is fast approaching and I did decide to start my diet. So far I have only gained three pounds.

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Cindra said...

LOL... I am giggling because I have made the same diet vow and gained the same (well maybe they are different) three pounds. After all if they were the same then we would share and it would only be 1.5 pounds. I like that better.

did you notice the skater boy on Runway is trying to come up with his own fierce slogan thinking he might win with that? It's been done... what is it... deelish? or something... ridiculous!