Thursday, August 07, 2008


Let's talk weather. Yesterday my precious nieces came for a visit. One, Katie, is my goddaughter and her GOLDEN birthday is on Friday, 08.08.08, and normally I have her visit with friends but lo and behold, my almost 20 year old niece is already going back to college on Sunday!!!! Something about sorority stuff. Anyway, her big sister Sarah played hookie from her job and came with her for a visit. Just about the second they put their toes in the sand, the day turned ugly. They came into the house for awhile and when it looked like it was clearing, they took out the kayaks for a spell. The weather turned ugly again. This went on and on.

Monday was about the same weather wise. It was rainy and ugly in the morning and the Internet gave me little hope of fitting in the six holes of golf. I even waited until two hours before the start of play to put out all the props (with the aid of Regina). Even then it was sprinkling. But, as it happens, the skies parted, the sun came out and it was a perfect two and a half hours. Someone is looking out for me.

After our very meaty Pirate dinner, the white elephant exchange started. It is
MC'd by Micky, who does it more professionally than the professionals, keeping it light and witty.

As one person is picking what they want, the next person is on board so the event keeps moving. The deal is that you can steal a gift from someone else instead of picking a gift of your own but the gift can only be stolen once. We used to let it be stole over and over and that makes for a very long night. As it was, the night was to give us some surprises. A tornado !!!! The sirens were going off and the establishment was notified that seriously bad weather was upon us so what did we do? Seventy plus women grabbed the gifts and hightailed it down to the basement into the locker room.
Except for lack of chairs, it was quite cozy and we were spared the noise of the storm that went on without us.
We all made do, and plopped our butts down where ever there was space to park them.
There was lots of laughing by young and old alike. Gifts were opened and stolen. This Caddy Shack mascot
was quite popular and I even had thoughts of stealing him, due to the fact that my number in line to get a gift was 72. Then something caught my eye that I knew I had to have. Anybody remember this? I remember it as possibly the first infomercial. Popeil? Something like that. The bottom of the box has 1969 as a date on it. As you
can see, I was more than a little excited. I have no idea whether it works or not. I will have to give it a look see but if nothing else, it's a novelty!!!! Regina, on the other hand, seems much more confused about her
booty. and I do mean Booty!!!!

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I think Regina will look lovely in pink.