Friday, August 08, 2008

Zippity DoDa

Have you ever heard of a zipcar? While I was at my DD's bridal shower on Sunday, someone was talking - stop, I remember - it was my friend Jayne, who has a son that is to be married next year and she was talking about said son, Jason getting rid of his car because of it's financial burden and joining the neighborhood car share. There are several - I-Go, being another in Chicago. I was literally leaving the shower to scoot home and while at a light on Lake Shore Drive (with the Natural History Museum in the background) I saw this zip car. What
are the chances? I did a tiny bit of reading on it and think it is a very interesting concept. In the long run this could save you considerable money and it would be good for the environment. Speaking of the environment,
check out Farmer Gordon's crop of banana and bell peppers that are nicely coexisting with his tomatoes. This means that basil and pesto production is fast approaching. I shall start to hunt for basil.


Cindra said...

Wow! It includes gas, too? That does seem like a nice deal. Wonder if that will replace rental cars? It seems cheaper than rental cars which don't include gas.

Anonymous said...

Reaping your own peppers make you realise how old the peppers in the supermarkets must be, doesn't it?!?
Totally different feel and taste of freshness.
Well as to cars, the concept of buying a car on payment plan is beyond my understanding. Well the concept of buying anything on a payment plan actually,.......well apart from a mortgage perhaps.
Your Govt will soon find a way of making car sharing illegal...reduces the consumption of fossil fuel.

Beth in TN said...

I read a little on Zipcars question is how are they maintained? Who comes around and makes sure they're cleaned out after every use and that they have a full tank of gas? Interesting concept, but I want to know the logistics of such a system :))