Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Cute Is That?

The invites anymore are so darn cute. Check out this adorable, over the counter (Hallmark) invite I just received for, guess

what? a baby shower. One end of the cradle has all the necessary information to know the skinny on the mom to be and the when and where. It comes flat in an envelope and all you do is push the two ends together and viola! It's three d !!

My mind was on invites when I woke up this morning due to the fact that it's just two weeks to go before the wedding and I am aware of this because today is Maggie's bachelorette bash.

This is the invite for it. I was kindly invited and I as kindly declined. Who wants an ole' bag around for a pub crawl? I turned the insert card to the side to show you it but actually this card is three sides that meet in the middle and have a hole punched thru all three layers, where a gross grain ribbon is inserted. Then the insert card just comes out of the side without having to open anything. Due to the fact that I am an art major and not the smartest tool in the shed, I took the whole thing apart before I realized the sheer simplicity of it all. I will have to copy this in the future. And the circles? Perfection.

My sis Mike is on her way with her Chai to spend a couple rainy days with me. I feel a craft is in the future of the day.


Anonymous said...

I love that card! Is the inner card attached to the envelope? Do you think there is a template/pattern available somewhere? We have 2 (yes, 2) children getting married a month apart. I thought these would be cute to use for rehearsal dinner invitations.

Tommy said...

Contact me directly and I will take a photo of the opened card and send it to you.