Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blog Woes

I am a little concerned with my blog enthusiasm. Once again, I got up this morning to not having any interest in writing anything. I hope that I am not going by the wayside in blog land like so many bloggers I know. Is it possible that there are only so many typed words and thoughts in one's brain and after that, it's over? Maybe my mind is wondering and I can't focus; I don't know. All I know is that G and I went out on a date last night and I DIDN'T BRING MY CAMERA!!!!

My brain is very compartmentalized right now; the wedding of course, and then my surgery directly after that and then going back to Florida to open up the house, via the International Quilt Show in Houston. Actually, I think that it's the inability to do much of anything after the surgery for a month that is bogging me down. A month of not being able to pick up the dog or anything? I just can't see it. No wonder I have put this off all my life. We'll see. Anyway, it's a beautiful day.


dee said...

I'm amazed that during the most hectic times, when there is so much to say, that seems to be the time when blogging takes a back seat around here as well.
You have so much on your plate right now that your head must be about ready to explode.
Take a breather and focus on what's important. We will still be here when you feel like writing. Breathe...deeply

Cosmos said...

All things in due time. I miss your posts when you don't blog. I have wondered how you find constant inspiration to blog daily, it's no surprise that you need a break!

Cindra said...

I think everyone who blogs feels that way. I go four days at a time sometimes without blogging. You do have a lot going on both physically and mentally preparing for big events. We love you and hate it when you don't blog, but we totally understand. Every once in awhile jut check in and say hi so we know you are okay.

Anonymous said...

Treat yourself to a camera solely for your handbag(s).

I guess your blog 'slack' could be due to everything you mentioned. Feel free to put it aside and get on with all you are having to deal with at the moment.....but a picture of whatever you are working on at present would be a a quilt?
Staying sane in the process!

Laura Christensen said...

sorry you feel that way. You are the first one I read everyday. I agree with everyone else, you have to do what you have to do... you will be missed if you don't tell us what's going on in your life. You have inspired me to sew, cook, and do more. I even take note of wedding activities in case either of my 2 ever take the plunge.
hope you keep writing!

Del said...

You bring joy into my dull life. Write whenever you can - your words are important.