Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cornering The Problem

My internet had been down from yesterday morning until about five minutes ago. Pretty good timing if I do say so,as I was just about to call it a day for the blog.

So, I left off yesterday with scrambling to the front door, locking it and running upstairs to get a dress on. Bella was at the front door crying, wondering why I didn't let the five total strangers in the minute I saw them. Back in May, I hired a firm to redo the 'corners' of the living room and the master bedroom. They are both made up of glass that forms the corner and since before we bought the house six years ago, they leaked. The sill and sash are rotten and it is all in need to replacement. I kinda dropped the ball because so much time had gone by but G, in all his infinite wisdom said, ' They have our money!" Then comes the phone calls from G and he usually always gets things going; simply by nagging to death. The only thing is, they neglected to inform us that they were showing up. There went my entire scheduled day. Here are two of my five new best friends, tearing up my room. Then, as mother nature set her sights on my house, the rain started, leaving a pretty big hole in the living room that took a good two hours just to fortify
for the evening. If I were these guys I think I would check the weather report before tackling this kind of a job!

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Cindra said...

Grrrr! Don't you just hate that?