Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh, My Man, I Love Him So; Part 2

Today is G's birthday. Once a year he catches up with me and is the same age. Before his birthday each year he is younger and he lets me know it. We are exactly four months different in age; me being the older and wiser of the two. Happy Birthday old man !!!!

I have been scrambling to get my fall obligation of charity quilts done so I don't have to think about it later so it has been taking up much of my time lately. It manages to keep me pretty brain dead tho'. Enough of that; I am going into the city today to finish up some wedding stuff. The big day is fast approaching; 24 days.

I went out to the garage yesterday to find this sweet little hummingbird that couldn't find his way out.

We have this unopenable (is that a word?) skylight out there that was the problem. This tiny little bird was trying it's damnedest (is this a word?) to puncture a way out.

I was running late so I called to Gordon and when I left him he was trying to use a broom to coax the little guy out. He told me he ended up using two disposable roaster pans (dollar store) and a ladder to get the itty bitty out, unscathed. That's my guy!!!

On a whole 'nother topic with absolutely no segue is the on going game of PubStumpers that I find myself involved with. This week the boobie prize for the worst overall score (which we were NOT) was this delightful array of jewelry made strictly out of office supplies and created by our servers. How cute is that? They even have props under the napkin on the tray to raise some of the delightful items they made. Besides that, the stuff was cute!!!!


dee said...

Many Happy Returns to G.
Aren't we lucky to be married to people who match our personalities so well?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your G!

Have you been over to Nils in the IKEA Live Ad? Just been there and he has a band playing and the Police were just there asking them to keep the noise down...LOL...Police didn't know they were being filmed hahahaha...must say German Police never fail to impress me. Very decent, no rambo theatrics. Oh, and Nils got some furniture it.