Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Thought You Ought To Know

Okay, is this creepy or is it just me? There's a restaurant in SoHo London called Inamo, that I have heard about more than once. It's a restaurant that doesn't have wait staff per say. There is a pod over your seat that literally beams down the menu, and can avail the patrons to view the actual preparation of their food. Also available at each table seat is the ability to play games with other diners, pay the bill, summon a taxi, and more. It's supposed to be fun and interactive (compared to self check out at the superstores; G likes em'; I don't). Oh, a human brings out the finished meal tho' so you don't get off scot free of having any human contact with the person that wants a tip. Check out the site and see what you think.

I got my last pre wedding haircut yesterday. I kinda look like I had a bowl on my head and then the master crafter, Tim, cut around it. Ha ha, just kiddin'. I thought I already had my last cut but for some reason, the hair on my neck was growing very, very fast. It's probably in my mind but now it's gone. The hair, not my mind (yet). Actually, the place I go to cut my hair has a new branch that opened and I promised that I would take them food today. I am thinkin' of Reuben's and chocolate chip cookies. That may change, depending on my mood.

You will all be happy to know that as of January we will be getting new and mega recycling bins. Currently we are supplied with one 18 gallon red bin. We have two (did we steal one from a neighbor to get two? Hummm.) plus we have a 33 gallon red recycling can we purchased from the local Ace. During, what we call 'the season' these three containers aren't enough to hold our recycling. The new blue containers are to be a whopping 96 gallons. The sweet part of this all is, besides it being a one hit wonder (rather than our current three) is that they are to have wheels, making recycling day (every other week; how dumb is that?) easier to get to the curb. Still on the table for consideration by the local politicians is having an alternative size of 48 gallons for those disabled and elderly who might have trouble pushing the larger bin to the curb. HEY, JUST HAVE TWO SIZES YOU NINCOMPOOPS!!!!!


dee said...

Interesting but strange restaurant concept. I really like Asian and Asian fucion but the best part of it is the social aspect of company and having fun conversation as well as sharing different tastes.
We still don't have re-cycling containers with wheels and every two weeks is not enough.

Patty said...

We have a 96 gallon recyclying bin and a 96 gallon trash bin here in Akron, Oh. Both are picked up weekly. It is funny though for the trash bin I might have one tiny plastic grocery bag of trash in that great big bin! The are a pain in the butt though because they take up so much room in the garage - the racoons will get into the garbage bins.