Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's A Dog's Life

Last night at eleven p.m. I watched the 100th episode of 'The Dog Whisperer', which I happen to be a big fan of. It had a culmination of all four seasons with almost all the dogs that he had met and worked with. Some of the dog owners were stars, I am guessing to spice up the pot and make it more consumer appealing. Daisy Fuentes, Jada Pickett Smith, and Virginia Madsen are ones that come to mind that have been on the show. Anyway some of these dogs had real problems. One was obsessed with rocks; looking for them, chewing them, digging them up. Another was totally vexed when the actual 'Whisperer' show was on the TV. Most were just behavioral problems and these dogs all paraded around very stable and well mannered. It was a fun show.

This show brought to mind a little skit that happened on Monday. Due to the fact that it rained for three days over last weekend, I decided that Bella was a bit lethargic from not having any exercise and so, doing what the Dog Whisperer has done on past episodes, I decided to put her on the treadmill with me. I should have had it video taped because it would have been a perfect YouTube production. I had her leashed and the treadmill was on very slow but that didn't matter. Within two seconds, we both were on, I stepped on her foot, she flew off the back and I fell down, skinning my knee. So much for indoor exercise for Miss Belly. It was pretty damn funny at the time.

I received the graduation picture of cousin Chai just in time for her to start her second doggie class. She is becoming quite smart and can even give you 'five'.
Chai even has a sheepskin to adorn her den wall. I may have to consider higher education for my gal too. If nothing else, I can always white out Chai's name and put in Bella's. Hummmmm.

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Anonymous said...

I had a similar treadmill event last week (sans dog) that should have been videotaped as well. I also have bruised shins to show for it! Ta-Da!