Monday, September 22, 2008

My Notes On The Emmys

These are my rantings on the Emmy's.

First, that Macy's commercial that has Gabriel (Hally Berry's guy) going through the store and after meeting Martha Stewart and walking away, she totally checks him out? How weird is that? It just seems wrong.

The five hosts - big mistake. Howie Mandel should stay on his own show because that seems to be the only place where he has any comfort. There just didn't seem to be any cohesiveness to it. The stripping of Heidi out of her tux with William Shatner and Tom Bergeron was very awkward. It almost felt as bad as the Laugh-In skit. Pathetic.

I was thrilled to see Laura Linney get the award for John Adams and Paul Giamatti too. It was a great portrayal and they all deserved an Emmy.

I was shocked to see the Smothers brothers so alive and thriving. Who knew? They look so good; like they just stepped out of the seventies.

I loved the English guy from Extra's that did the 'I won even tho' I wasn't here' shtick.

Favorite dress? Sandra Oh.

For once in my entire life, I almost enjoyed watching Don Rickles. What was with Kathy Griffin's hair?

The Jimmy Kimmel skit picking the first reality host as an Emmy winner was very clever. But come on, who is this Jeff guy? From Surviror? Never heard of him. Does anybody except my mother watch this show?

That's all I can remember.


Jeri said...

Let's see.....Jess Probst is the host of Survivor. Your mom and I watch it, there is probably someone else out there. I could get lost in his dimples.

I also liked Sandra Oh's dress, the Smother's Brother's and wondered what was up with Kathy Griffin's hair (way too many extensions and that swoop of bangs was just wrong). I never liked Don Rickles, but I liked him last night. I think I'm getting old.

The Josh Groban bit was very weird to me. What a big waste of a good voice. I wonder if he was proud of that performance!

All in all, BORING!

Sharon said...

Two years ago I would have been with you on the survivor thing, but then I got sucked in because by sister-in-law knew (and hated) one of the survivors and now I never miss it. There is something compelling about it.

I didn't see the Emmys last night, but it sounds like I didn't miss much.

K said...

My favorite thing about the show was the ombre dress Heidi Klum wore toward the end of the show.
(2 hours and 43 minutes into the show on Tivo) It shaded from green at the top to lavender on the bottom.
The Smothers brothers looked much better than the last time I've saw them.
Let's say the show was interesting and leave it at that!

Corky said...

For some reason Tommy Smothers gave me a Johnny Carson vibe when he came up to the stage.

Rickles was the funniest person on the show - and I'm not a Rickles fan. Obviously they knew that because they didn't cut off his speech like they did with the others.

But, I have to disagree with you about Jeff and Survivor. I'm a loyal Survivor fan, and think Jeff is beyond cute!

Marcia said...

The show wasn't just boring, it was embarrassing! The opening piece...UGH!..and I don't like seeing any woman having her clothes gratuitously stripped off by a man...just something fundamentally, nastily wrong with that...for comedy or not.
Whoever wrote this show should be fired.

Regina said...

I actually switched to a different show at the end. It was too long. I also used to watch Survivor because I knew a woman who's son was on episode 2 and we started watching because of that. We were hooked for about 3 seasons but nor more. All in all, I thought the dresses were fab this year