Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain Rani Go Away

Well, I am sure that if you aren't completely soggy you have heard that lots of us are. We have had more than six inches of rain in one day. This has to be connected to the recent hurricane activity. I guess that I won't have to water the flowers for awhile anyway!!!

We have a little visitor along with sister Mike.

Here is little Chai having a conversation with her cousin. I wanted to capture a picture of Chai with her very unevenly cut ears. Last time she went to the groomer
she was shaved and this is the aftermath. Check out her little teeth. Bella pretty much ignores Miss Chai and we can't quite figure that out. She terrorizes her cousin Bea, grabbing onto her ears and tail but just about ignores Chai. Go figure. Stay dry.

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Anonymous said...

In wondering why Bella has nothing to do with Chai.....again did you catch the teeth! I'm sure though Bella loves Chai as much as Bea.