Thursday, September 11, 2008

Squishy Things

Each and every morning I wake up and make a cup of coffee and go to the computer. I am always excited with all the activity that goes on while I am getting some shut eye; that is, until I really zoom on the new entries.
I am guessing that I receive

She does better in the bedroom
Keep her hot forever
How long can you actually be
Lengthen your sausage into a bratwurst
Powerful erections are available to you
Make her want you more and more
Have a rod that will not stop growing

due to my first name being a predominately male name. I don't actually know. I have never asked anyone else if they get this stuff; daily.

I think that this may be the second to the last harvest that G is gonna get out of his five tomato plants and three pepper. I am gonna suggest to not plant a Roma tomato plant in the future. The size it takes up as compared to the crop is just not worth it for our very little (3' x 7') farm.
Here is a New Haven Michigan peach that I manage to eat every day. Look at how delicate it is; you can see where my fingertips touched it. You have to eat these (or make something out of them) quickly due to their delicacy. I gotta tell ya, there's nothin' better.

I'm off (we all know that) to Chicago today for my yearly mammogram. Fun.


Del said...

They come my way also, possibly because Del is frequently short for Delbert. It is irritating, but I never open them and I feel sorry for anyone who so obsessed with sex that they are sending this stuff out daily. I like your title "Squishy Things"!

Anonymous said...

I got these messages daily in my work e-mail when we switched over to the new carrier. All 130 of us get the exact same ones. I worked there for over two years without receiving a single one previous to that. Our tech department says it has to do with the spam filters that the provider has. But if you set them higher then you don't get your "real" e-mails either. Judging from the sheer numbers it would seem that somebody somewhere orders somthing from these people or they would quit sending it no?

Natalya said...

i get them because my husband thought it would be funny to get some viagra for his friend's 40th bday on my email... grrr.... just had surface for that comment, i love your writing, you make me smile every time i read your blog! thank you

Anonymous said...


Farmer G did well with his crop.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I know and I have a definatly female name I hate getting those adds and at work even

Cindra said...

I get some of the same mail, but my firewall picks it up and spares me having to sort it out.

You are absolutely right about those New Havens... I was eating them every morning, too. Yummmm, nothing better.