Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer's Ending

I tried to stop myself. I said, 'self, you got other stuff to do' and ya know what? It didn't help because all I wanted to do was to make sure that my Bella and her best friend in the whole world, Bea
were just as qualified as their new cousin. It's kinda like the kids getting a fake license to drink before they turn 21. False credentials-done every day. Why not dogs too? I have watched enough TV to figure out that you need to print off two of the counterfeit papers; one as the document that you eventually photocopy for the final one and one that you use to write on or type on that has the same color background. Then the secret to not showing any lines where you covered the old name is to tape it completely down so no shadow shows on the newly copied form. It's almost perfect and these dogs could get into any class for further education without the instructors being the wiser.
You know it's the end of the summer season when you are out on a stroll with your little dog and see the ever present buoys in the water marking where the no wake zone starts.
The difference today is that they were being taken away. Slowly and mechanically each remembrance
of swimming and kayaking, and wave running are being removed. Well, they picked a perfect day to do this removal.
There was barely a ripple in the water. I guess that's it for the summer. Today is freakishly the last day of summer and when I started this entry, I had no idea. I was typing the sentences and thought that I should check and see when the precise Equinox day is and tomorrow is the day and so the arrival of fall. Wow.


Cindra said...

So you are one of those kind of moms, eh? I am sure Bella could earn one of those on her own... if she wanted to. LOL!

So sad to see the summer over.

K said...

That is the wrong degree for Bella.
She should have a masters degree.
I've never seen another dog like her.