Thursday, September 18, 2008


What was I thinking? I went to a fund raiser on Sunday night and my sweet friend Lorett sent me some pictures; some of which I am

looking pretty silly in. This one with the foam crown seems to question my judgement. My reason for posting this picture isn't really for you to see how much of a dope I am; it's to show you this lovely young gal at the far left. Her name is Sandra Smith and she recognized first, G's name tag and then my face as being neighbors down the street when she was growing up. That was about twenty years ago. We have moved several times since then. Can you believe that? She lives in New York and works on TV with Fox Network and Business news. Small world. Check her out.

I had to run into the city yesterday; literally. I was there all of fifteen minutes for a fitting for my dress. I agree, it is a little bit cutting it close, but hey, that's me. Anyway, I had to get back for an appointment and then, to not be late for the second to the last PubStumpers. Once again,
our team won; much to the chagrin of my gal pal Linda who is just a tad more competitive than myself. For our winning booty I chose (one for me and one for G) two wines from Spain. My darling Maggie and her Evan are going to Spain on their honeymoon and so I thought that would be fitting. I am bringing in some replacement bodies to fill in for me and G for the very last PubStumpers next week when we will be doing wedding stuff. So far, we are in second place and hope to take over the lead. It's silly but fun.
And one reason why it's fun is that Master Will Cooper, fill-in grand baby for me, has been attending. He is as quiet as a mouse and you would never know he is in a bar. That reminds me of one of my most favorite lines in a movie. Sweet Home Alabama, when Reese Witherspoon goes back home and sees a friend in a bar and says, 'You have a baby... In a bar."

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Nic said...

Tommy - I remember that girl Sandra. She went to Madison and was Frankie's age. She had a brother too (Greg?) I think. Can't wait to see you in one week!