Monday, September 08, 2008

Those Seventies Shows

I think these are calla lilies and I have posted them for your viewing enjoyment. They are currently in my living room.

The local library has a ton and I mean a ton of books on CD. So why do I constantly check out, download and then immediately realize (within a minute or less) that I have already listened to it after going to all the trouble of getting it in my ipod? I have to guess that I am attracted to either the name of the book, it's author's name or the art on the CD, although I usually pick it without even looking at the front of the case, but rather choose it when viewing the spine. Hummmm. I usually get five books at a time and this last time I got three out of five that I have already listened to. Go figure. Anyway, when I do mass quilting I always have my ipod on but due to this problem of picking I have, once I finished off 'Marie Therese', Child of Terror' which is nonfiction and written by Susan Nagel, I had to resort to turning on the tv for amusement. Somehow I found the Game Show Network (GSN) and I am here to tell you, it was hilarious!!! There was something going on called Play It Back, 70's Game Shows and I was pretty much hooked right away.

I watched lots of Lets Make A Deal, The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and The Match Game. There was also an hour long show about these game shows and more hosted by Caroline Rhea (the first host of 'The Biggest Loser'). Here is some stuff I learned.

.The first celebrity on The Dating Game was Adam West, promoting his new show, Batman, in 1966.
.Billy Crystal has the all time best time in winning the $10,000 pyramid.
.A new bride on The Newlywed Game was asked whether her husband was a rural or urban kinda guy. She said that she didn't know what either of the words meant.

.On Family Feud these are answers that one guy gave for the following questions:
What time of day do people usually get up?
Answer: Morning
What time of the evening do people usually go to bed?
Answer: At night
Name a southern state.
Answer: North Carolina
What is one thing that you put in tea?
Answer: a tea bag
What do you buy in a deli?
Answer: Pickles
He got four points and I think they were all for pickles.

The most controversial of all was on The Newlywed Game when 14 year veteran host, Bob Ubanks asked the following question: What is the most oddball place you have ever made whoopee? One young bride, Olga, hemmed and hawed and then said, 'The ass?' Her husband said, the car. I think she misunderstood the question. When they called her to get her permission to have the segment on the show, she said that she didn't think she should have it aired because she was now a grandmother but when they offered her $5000 she said that they could indeed air the clip!!!! It was pretty funny.

I was just on Skype with Regina in Florida and Linda, down the street and not dressed when the doorbell rang and five guys were there waiting for admission to change some windows. Yikes!!!


dee said...

Those guys would like to thank you for the highlight of their day. Thanks to the black woman's $5000.00 answer-you are the highlight of mine.
Beautiful callas-mine came up very pink this year. I like them because they go on forever without wilting in an arrangement.

Kay C. said...

Tommy - I'm really glad to see your blog today. I read it every day and miss it when you don't write. I can't believe how energetic you are and how much you get done!

Anonymous said...

dee said: ***Thanks to the black woman's $5000.00 answer-you are the highlight of mine.***

I said: I am speechless! What does the colour of the woman's skin have to do with it?

I think Tommy said her name was Olga.

Anonymous said...

I believe the exact answer to the question posed by Bob Eubanks to Olga was....
"That be up the butt Bob"

Brenda said...

Dee, surely that isn't how you intended to phrase your comment? or is it????

Del said...

Not calla lilies, but pitcher plants. They are a carnivorous marsh plant that has wonderful patterns and colors. In the last decade they have been grown commercially to use in these spectacular arrangements.

Corky said...

My favorite Family Feud answer was the guy who was asked "In what month of pregnancy does the woman usually begin to show." His answer? "September" The host almost lost it. I still smile when I think about it.