Friday, October 24, 2008

Bar Tailed Godwit

I feel like I may have blogged this a couple years before but am way too lazy to check. If so, I apologize but I just can't believe what this little bird can do. This is a bar tailed godwit. It's time for these little birds to leave Alaska (and it has nothing to do with Palin) and migrate to New Zealand. These 1-1/2 pound birds fly the 7242 miles with out stopping. It takes them 8 days and this is proven because they put satellite transponders on some of the little bird legs. This would be equivalent to us walking from home to the tip of South America - without eating. Then, they travel back to Alaska in March. Yikes !!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe scientists should do some genetic testing and see if their genes are compatible to man's.
If it worked, it could go a long way in fixing the world's food problems and ultimately our eco system. Imagine workers who wouldn't need food and who would be fit to boot!!!

Cindra said...

They should have filmed this bird in the Winged MIgration... one of my favorite documentaries. If you ever watch it you need to watch the making of it which is also on the DVD.

dee said...

Echoing Cindra-you should see Winged Migration. We loved it.
That's a really cool looking bird. That's an amazing journey they take. I'm enjoying the daily migration around here. Yesterday I had a number of Nuthatch & Blue Jays- I love their pointy little heads. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 8:19 AM!!!!