Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey There Sweetie

Let's head back to the wedding. Dessert. Instead of wedding cake the kids and G chose four desserts and one dessert bar item.

This is the only picture of one of the desserts because I happen to be sitting with Lorett when it was served to her and I said, 'take a picture!: So she did. Every one that knows me knows that I am a picture taking freak. This is a mini strawberry shortcake. We also served individual banana cream pies, individual chocolate malteds, and mini lemon meringue pies. I must have had four malteds.

And here is the starting of the donut station. There were people waiting for the first warm donut.
And her it is, hot off the presses. There were all sorts of toppings
for the donuts: white and milk chocolate,
cinnamon and sugar, chopped nuts and sprinkles, and for the ever young at heart

the always popular powdered sugar. It was a blast. Can we do it again?


Cindra said...

Sign me up for the lemon pie!!! And toss in a couple of donuts...yummy!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

A donut machine at a wedding? How wonderfully fabulous!! I have to ask- what is a malted? I've heard of it (like in novels I read as a kid) but have NO CLUE what it might be :-)

Anonymous said...

"An Affair to Remember".....and thousands of photograghs to prove fabulous!

dee said...

"Is there anything donuts can't do?" Homer Simpson