Monday, October 06, 2008

The Day Before The Big Day

Omphaloskepsis. The meaning is: contemplating one's navel. I am actually doing just that. I got this information from my pal Martha. She plays on a website , that uses words to gain grains of rice to feed the hungry. Check it out.

Let's get back to the wedding weekend. On Friday we did some grooming stuff and after some prep for the night time, we went to the Flatfile Art Gallery for a rehearsal for the wedding the next day. Here we have the

bride, groom, the guy Chris (with the bun) who's the officiant and Lauren (Evan's sister) at the lectern practicing her poem.
Here we have Peter, who is also going over what he has to say.
Deer in headlights; deer in headlights. I must have said, 'Lookie here', and they did!!! That's Evan's mom in the center.

With that over, we headed on over to Lincoln Lanes, a bowling alley over a hardware store that we procured

for us for the evening to welcome everyone to town. My sister Mike designed this sign that was on an easel outside, letting the regular clientele know that we had the place for the night. Notice that old Abe is in the background? Lincoln Lanes? Get it? The six bowling lanes were hoppin' although I never had a bowling ball in my hand all evening. We also had a professional karaoke person there due to the fact that the bride is very into karaoke. This is what I made the thirty three dozen cookies for. Maggie made a nut mix that was very popular. We had pizza delivered at seven and at nine p.m. Portillo's, a local chain that has the best hotdogs were to deliver a couple hundred hot dogs at eight, but they never showed. After a call or two they apologized and said they would be right over with the order. That was at 8:30. At eleven, G turned them away. It was sad; no hot dogs, but he had to stand his ground and not accept hot dogs that were almost three hours late!!!!
Here are some family members and Goldilocks singing up a storm.
I think these guys were singing but I am not sure. It appears that a good wind could knock down the bunch!!!
Maggie and her cousins are preforming a little ditty. It's amazing that a beer and a microphone can make a person think that they can carry a tune. That is not necessarily the case. I have proof. Oh, and here I am, with some of my friends and family. You may have noticed that lots of us had the same thing on; yeah - bowling shirts. Everyone didn't wanna wear 'em, but those of us that can't pass up a bowling shirt, looked stunning in the turquoise garb.

Can ya figure out the personalization?
See the goodie bags in the foreground? We put those together earlier in the day. They were for the guests to take back to their hotel room.
This is what was in each bag; oh, except for the water. We went to Costco to get the water and decided that we didn't have room for three hundred little bottles so scrapped it. Everything else was in the bag tho'. Mostly it was favorites of the bride and groom - Little Debbie Zebra Snack Cakes, bulls eyes, chocolate, cheese/peanut butter crackers and a postcard, ibuprofen, a deck of cards and tissue..And we did.


Cindra said...

What a fabulous party! I can't believe Portillo's messed it up so bad,,,, wait a minute... yes, I can. I love the shirts... so clever and wearable!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, enough of the pre-wedding pictures, skip them please and go straight to the wedding. The suspense is killing/murderous!

dee said...

You guys really know how to party. Looking at someone else's pictures has never been so much fun.
Glad you're feeling better.

bluesky said...

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