Friday, October 10, 2008

Flower Power

The wedding itself consisted of all white and off white flowers.

The reception was totally different. The inspiration for the color scheme came from Maggie and Evan while shopping at The Container Store. It is

this wrapping paper. The reception location itself constituted the black and white background because The Chicago Illuminating Company (old light warehouse) has lots of black and white. Here are two bad pictures of the flowers on the bars.

The massive bars (here they are setting up and I sneaked in during the cocktail hour in the other room) had these tall arrangements with all sorts of stuff in the vases (beans, balls of wire and things like that). I thought the pictures were better than they ended up being and it was disappointing because they were really neat.
The tables for the guests all had different shapes and sizes of
flower arrangements that were fitting the shape of the table and held
fast to the color combos.
I am not a big fan of flower petals sprinkled on purpose on a table; I get enough of that at home with
flowers dying, and I would have put a stop to this if I knew it was in the plan. Oh well. If that's all I can complain about, it's a GOOD THING !!!

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dee said...

beautiful flowers Tommy but that's what I expected from you. Not much for the rose petal thing either but it doesn't look bad here.
Hope you're feeling a lot better by now.