Monday, October 13, 2008

Food Fantasia

Let's talk food. I was sorely disappointed in my food pictures and frankly most of the food pictures were sent to me by friends rather than the photographers because there weren't but a few.

We had three stations. One was a chilled seafood bar

with shrimp and oysters . It also had an american caviar display with brioche toast points, creme fraiche, red onion and chopped egg.
Here's a closeup if you are hungry. I myself don't do raw so oysters were out of the question.
This station also contained a sushi bar.
There were things on this bar that I had no idea what they were. Evan and Maggie love this stuff but I doubt very seriously if they even had a nibble. They were very busy.
How about a nice big bowl of the stuff. Not for me.
Again, a closeup if you are hungry.
I am guessing that these plates came from this station cauz' they look like they are the right color and I think I spy some wasabi.
Another station consisted of beef tenderloin. grilled potatoes
and grilled summer vegetables. One big gripe with me and stations is that you don't know what you are eating so we made sure that all the food was labeled.
The final station is very poorly preserved in pictures. The only picture I have is of the heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. This station also had a salad of peaches, beets, chevre with summer greens and halibut with blackened corn salad, exotic mushrooms and duck confit with a lemon buerre blanc (my favorite).

Besides the three stations we had four waiter passed plates. These were small mini meals. I only have a picture of one of them. It's this and it is a soft shell crab po boy (Maggie's favorite and mine too). It was a soft shell crab with creole mustard, and pickle on a potato roll. I had three. The other passed plates were braised short ribs with marscapone polenta and crispy vidalia onions. There was also ginger carrot soup with creme fraiche. The last but not least passed plate was roasted duck breast presented on stir fried rice with a red wine reduction. There was more food than you can imagine, but then we are all foodies, so that was the most important thing about the reception. Oh, that and the bar.

The kids also had specialty drinks at the bars in case anyone wanted to try their hand at something new. They were very popular although I stuck to wine.


Cindra said...

Healthy alcohol.. how unusual...LOL.
The food looks awesome... I love sushi and caviar? And those poor boys... yumm...

dee said...

To funny!
I'm sitting here eating my lunch of Futomaki and spicy shrimp & brown rice rolls.
Everything sounds delicious to me but as we well know I am not one to turn down...well...anything.
Yummy sounding drinks-I'll have an orange cosmo. Sounds great.

Beth in TN said...

Some foodie sites! food blog big-city dining info restaurant review guide
(just saw these listed in a magazine; don't know how good they are...)