Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Top To Bottom

The last two weeks have had me burrowed in the house with most of the blinds closed. There is good reason for that. The driveway has been completely full with worker guy trucks and lifts. We had our roof replaced and that took a good week, ending last Friday. We also had our garage floor coated. This only took two days but it confused me for much longer because we couldn't use the garage for the next week. I pretty much leave and enter the house via the garage. It was worth the wait tho'.
Check out how lovely this floor is. It looks like my kitchen solid surface counter top. They first rough up the existing concrete floor, put down some adhesive and then they lay these specks down. They are actually individual little pieces of whatever.
The next day they come back and seal it. Boy does that ever stink. I went out to make sure the guys were wearing respirators. And they were. Now the garage looks so good that I don't want to drive my car in it!!!


Anonymous said...

If D see that floor, he'll have floor envy for sure! He tried painting ours once and it looked good for about a season, then the snow and salt did a number on it and it was back to concrete!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that on the garage floor. There is also a method of laying down real grounded granite or granite powder with whatever adhesive. Then it is ground down with a machine and polished to look like the granite on your (in this case counter. It is as hard and heavy wearing as a solid piece of granite. Would love to have my entire lower floor done but who could live in that dust???

Watch out that your floor doesn't get slippery when wet.

dee said...

Cripes Tommy, your garage floor now looks better than my kitchen floor.
Nice job.

Anonymous said...

drop dead gorgeous GARAGE floor.

p.s. House Beautiful needs to visit you SOON!!!

Cindra said...

It looks better than my kitchen floor, too.

teri springer said...

Leave it to you to have a garage floor that looks like it belongs in some villa....

I can't even FIND my garage floor.....know anyone who wants a 1978 Camaro??