Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Gals

Yesterday afternoon I welcomed three chicks who were spending the weekend. I just got around to taking some snapshots of them so I could do a blog today. Here they are in the sweat shop early in the morning. By the way, check out the wall of fabric. The doors that i had made to save the fabric from the sun were hauled away a couple days ago. They have warped so bad that I couldn't open any of the doors. The makers of the door are going to do something that hopefully will support them better so they won't warp.
I walked around the room to see what all the gals were up to. Ann had her head in this project. Peggy
was playing around with these blocks and Jean Ann
is doing hand applique while watching 'Made of Honor' (dorky and totally predictable but I did like Patrick Dempsey in the itty bitty kilt).
Bella decided to take a snooze on her project. I would show you what I am doing but it's double secret and therefore I have to keep it under wraps; for now. My sister Mike was supposed to come but she is dog sitting for a dog that isn't a traveler so she is doing her work at home.
Here is what she is working on plus you get to see a bit of Sadie, Mike's charge. It's like she's with us via the computer. Can you see me waving at you Mike?


dee said...

you have some very talented friends and relatives there. Nice workshop and I suspect the food is 4 star as well.

Donna said...

Hi Tommy: Looks like your ladies are having a wonderful time, it made me wish I could be there sitting amid all that fabric with them. Could you tell me a little about your beautiful doll, did you make her? I have been looking for something like that for my studio, but haven't found anything I like. She is beautiful.

Cindra said...

I always love looking at photos of you ladies at work. They do create some beautiful quilts.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are too cute, sitting there sewing in their p-jays.

I bet you are working on your Christmas cushions, right?....LOL..