Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm In Houston

I got to the airport and guess who was awaiting for me? Linda, JeanAnn, Karen, Joanne, Karen, Laurel and Ann!!!! We all got on the airplane (Southwest) and had a very uneventful (yeah!!!) trip that landed a half hour ahead of schedule. While in the Houston airport I couldn't help but notice that they have very comfy chairs with outlets in between two of them for computers. How very thoughtful of Houston. I have never seen this before. Normally, if you have to be plugged in, you are generally on the floor in a corridor to get juice. Chicago, get with it!!!

We are all staying at the Hilton Houston Americas, which is a lovely structure and conveniently connected to the building that houses the International Quilt Festival.
Here is a picture of it with a water jet fountain and a pagoda type building in front of it. I need to find a better picture. Be right back.
Here; this one is a little bit better a picture of the convention center. It's architecture resembles a ocean going vessel.

The show opens to IQA members and those taking classes in less than an hour. Here we go!!!


Anonymous said...

I have never been to the Houston Quilt Festival. Hopefully someday. It will be nice to see it from your perspective.

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo jealous! It looks fabulous and I'm sure the company will be fun! Take lots of pictures for those of us who can't make it.


Anonymous said...

Aaah, life is good, isn't it!

wpritchett said...

The International Quilt Show in Chicago last spring was fantastic, too. It's about time someone thinks of the Midwest. It's hard not to buy from each vendor! I loved it and you will too. Have fun.

spikemuffin said...

You have to get out more. Those chairs are at all Southwest airport locations. Hope you liked the peanuts.