Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In The Beginning

Go White Sox!!!!!! We made it to the playoffs !!!!

Two things stopped me from jumping in to blog this morning. First, it seems that G, me, my sister in law and my college roommate have contracted a cold from the weekend. I got up several times in the night and on one of these times I took a couple benedryl that G had out on the bathroom counter. I read the box and that is what it said to take. Woah!!!! Big mistake. I couldn't get out of bed this morning and guys were coming at 8:30 in the morning to finish up trimming a window in our bedroom that had been replaced. So I went to a guest room and slept until a bit ago. Then I sat down to my computer and something goofy was going on in Picasa. It appeared that it was reloading all my pictures and by all pictures I mean ALL and that's a lot. I totally freaked for a bit but when it was done (it took several minutes) all was right with the world. Now I can sit down and start with some pictures of the whirlwind weekend.

Shall I start at the beginning?
This arch was commissioned by myself to be made at G's steel plant. They don't do much of this custom work; except for me. We wanted a big old arch for the kids to get married under. It is eight foot tall and seven foot wide. It has a fine half inch mesh on it and the whole thing was sprayed white. Those bottom braces were taken off for the actual wedding ceremony. They just held the arch intact for the transport and adornment.
Back in March in Florida my sister Mike and I started manufacturing paper flowers. We worked on it for a week together during her visit and then did it on our own at home. We made hundreds of flowers, helped by my SIL Claudia and my DIL Maria. I had 9 boxes of flowers that I transported to the gallery on Thursday morning. The big ones weren't opened up because they would have taken up so much room, especially bringing them from Florida. So when the time came for reforming the wired flowers I enlisted some youthful help
Here are some of the flowers that were opened already. We used white, off white and a tiny bit of gold.
My helpers are Britt, a high school friend of Maggie's and our wedding planner and Joanna who was in from Boston for the shindig. She went to Boston College with Maggie.
Here is Joanna starting to add the flowers to the arch. I was the one who spent most of the time on the ladder.
It was a labor of love, let me tell you. After the first three hours or so we decided to go and have some lunch. That helped get us back on track.

Here are some closeups of the various angles of the arch. The flowers were put on both sides of the mesh.
You can see that we (Mike and Me) made lots of different kinds of flowers. It was fun to experiment and see what we could come up with.
We used scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, stationary, crepe paper, waxed paper, tissue paper and parchment paper.
Here is the finished product.

Here is a view of it through the front window of the FlatFile Gallery, which is where the wedding took place.

That evening Gordon and I went out to dinner with Maggie and Peter. That was Thursday.


Anonymous said...

You crazy crazy woman, it is beautiful, simply beautiful!!!

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The arch is stunningly beautiful. I am so looking forward to see your pictures from the weekend.

Cindra said...

That is a lot of work... truly a labor of love! Absolutely gorgeous!

Natalya said...

wow! stunning!