Thursday, October 09, 2008

It Cocktail Time !!!

There are over 1500 pictures that I have from the wedding weekend and they are in no particular order. It is almost more than I can tackle, especially not liking to sit for too long in one span of time as yet. I think I have five pictures of each of the 230 people at the festivities. Bear with me.

The cocktail hour and reception were held at The Chicago Illuminating Company. Except for two massive bars, it is an empty venue and you bring everything in. It used to be a lighting warehouse, hence the name. For the cocktail portion of the evening Maggie chose an orange and aqua color scheme.
Showing off some of the highboy tables are some of our college classmates. These tables are actually wood on top (or some hard surface) and the bottom is white kinda spandex fabric that is stretched over a frame and then lit with a interior light to make them any color you'd want. Pretty cool, huh?
You can see that there is lighting in the color scheme too. It was much more noticeable when it got a little darker.
For those of us that like to sit, there were regular tables too. Here are some of my girlfriends chatting, with a husband thrown in for good measure. You can see that the flower arrangements are all in the two colors too.
Here is a picture of the cocktail area with some kind of lens that makes it more convex. The pillars were straight in real life.
Although I told the photographer that we were foodies, I unfortunately don't have lots of pictures of food. For the cocktail time there were several hors d'oeuvres passed. This one is white cheddar grilled cheese with wild mushrooms.
This was a mini corn pancake with spicy pepper remoulade. We also had little dishes of french fries with parmesan that I ate but don't have a picture of.
This is a sliced tenderloin on crostini with horseradish aioli and micro greens. There was absolutely darling little quince and goat cheese cones that looked like ice cream and they were presented in a square glass vase layered with different legumes and then the cones balanced in it.

We had an asian duck rolled pancake, champagne grape tartlets with truffles and brie, a baked beef empanada with cilantro dipping sauce and a petit basque, caramelized apple and maple syrup foam that I never had except for at the tasting. Yum.

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Anonymous said...

Just seeing those food pictures makes my mouth water! I loved the cheese ice cream cones and the crostini were to die for! Somehow, I lost nearly 2 lbs. that week anyway!! so I guess size DOES matter! Woo Hoo.