Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In lieu of a guest book at Maggie and Evan's wedding reception, they chose to have a photo booth instead.

The pose of 'This Means You' is just outside the photo booth. It was at the reception, just next to a bar (planned ever so carefully, if you get my drift).
I think maybe Joanna and Britt were the first ones in the booth because this picture was first by far on the CD from the photographer. These two girls were also the ones that helped me put the flowers on the arch for the wedding ceremony.
This unnamed gentleman seems to want to ponder his photos.
With the photo booth came a worker guy (explains everything, does damage control, and is also a tech; in case something goes wrong). Also, there was the standard scrapbook supplied with black pages and white pens that people
used to jot down a little ditty or a name or whatever you felt like writing on the page that housed your photo.
This looks interesting.

This too looks interesting and also familiar. The reason is that three of my friends and I tried to get into the booth for a group shot. We couldn't fit in it in any formation that could take a picture. And we did try. Thankfully no one was around to snap a picture of that!!!!


Cindra said...

This wedding had to have been a blast!

dee said...

So much fun. This really is a wedding to remember forever and it seems like it was fun for the bride and groom as well. Most of the time it's all a blur. Brilliant.