Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Here are some wedding pictures. They are chosen randomly; that is to say, in no particular order due to the fact that they are on different discs and very confusing. Some are funny and some are just what they are. I could never have a job that has to edit. It is very difficult for me.

Black socks have taken place of shoes for one young lady (Claudia) that hours into the night decided that her little pinkies couldn't take it any more.
Sheila and Regina decided to dismantle the centerpieces to see if they could make themselves more attractive. I for one, don't think they need a thing!!!!
This is Maggie and two of her best pals from high school. These two young lasses used to go with us on vacations. Now they are all grown up and married.
These girls are also from high school.
Do you think the place has enough Grey Goose to last us the night? Thank goodness we had some Smirnoff's too.

Me and G and taking a spin on the dance floor.
Maria and Peter still only have eyes for each other.
More of the high school gang. I seem to have zero'd in on them for some reason. Beauty, youth? You make the call.
Gordon decided at the last minute to make a speech. It lasted about two minutes.
This is the first dance as wife and husband. They didn't do the whole dance alone. After a minute they had others join them. I told Maggie that this IS the time to be the center of attention but she took a pass.

Following that dance came the father/daughter dance and then
the mother/son dance. Back in the corner were a gaggle of bleached blondes

trying to get a little attention of their own. Pathetic.
The band, Dynasty, was fantastic. The playlist was hand picked by Evan and Maggie.
Here is a view of some of the dancers (professional of course).
And just for good measure, I have thrown in a semi posed group of friends of the bride and groom.

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Cindra said...

What a wonderful event! Looks like everyone, you included, had a great time.