Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Travel and Light

Today is a very busy day. I have to take Bella to get her hair done and do mine as well because we are both leaving to go south tomorrow. Miss B goes to Florida with G and I go to Houston with Ann and JeanAnn for the International Quilt Festival, which I have never attended. That means that I need to pack and plan and clean out the refrigerator. I will be in Houston from noon tomorrow until Sunday, at which time I fly to Florida and spend the majority of November. We will return up north the Monday before Thanksgiving and will not head back to Florida until after all the holidays. Phew !!! I will also get a 'good to go' pass from my Dr. I have very little to remind me that I had surgery, apart from the lifting restriction. Other than the fact that my belly button is as hard as a rock, I don't even pay attention to it anymore. Oh, but I do like to wince a bit while walking by doing some kind of labor while G is lounging in the recliner. That's just expected, right?

I am very excited to go to Houston. I have signed up for some classes and mainly because the girls I am going with did, but I am not 100% sure about attending all of them. They are more of a buffer, if I find myself wanting. I have never been to the town either and would like to see a bit of it.

I can't seem to completely let go of the wedding yet so here I go again. In the back of the reception area (and actually the cobblestone side too) were outside areas that we were definitely going to utilize if the weather was good. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect so we
draped the fence, added lots of potted plants and brought in wood highboy tables and all around the ground were these luminaries that

I made. They consisted of white bags with rolled down tops that I cut slits in to feed in 2 1/2" ribbon on both sides. I made 17 sets of three bags each for the back garden. Inside, the florist put sand and a candle. They looked wonderful all lit up. I took this picture while deciding how to make them so this was my prototype. I never got a picture of them in action. Rats!!!!

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Owens Family Adventures said...

OH BOY!! Houston!! We lived there for three years and loved it. I went to the quilt show two years in a row. It was overwhelming. I had the best time....came home tired, broke, but way happy. :) If you can try to go to Quakertown Quilts. Just mapquest it from your hotel or the convention center. It's a nice quilt store in Clear Lake. Another quilt store that i went to all the time was Painted Pony and Quilts. Loved that one!!
Have a wonderful time!!!