Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Rooms With A View

The convention center is made up of three floors (I think). The bottom is the quilt show itself and the vendors. The middle floor is for registration and services and the top floor is for classes. We could look

through these big port hole windows down into where the vendors were setting up their booths. At the time I was taking the pictures, I didn't realize you would see all the reflection of all the other people around me looking down too. It's kinda surreal. The vendors were simply overwhelming to me. This is my first major outing since going under the knife that I have done a lot of walking and carrying and I literally had to take my leather bag with camera, palm, phone, ipod, and other things that were just too carry (along with a purchase or two) back to my room and exchange it for the bag we got upon signing in
that I was trying to refrain from using here because every where I go it screams QUILTER !!!! But now I see that there is a reason it is so light weight and big; so you can stay longer and carry more. There are hundreds of vendors and lots of new stuff I have never seen before. Some of the stuff I will share with you later.

Ann asked me yesterday what was my view from my window and I was embarrassed to tell her I didn't even look. This morning I thought I would look out the window so I could share my view with her (and you). Some things are better left undone.


Christine Thresh said...

Your porthole picture is really neat. It is worth a second (or third) look. It could be a prize winner.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, I'm living vicariously through your blog so keep me updated with what the NewBees are doing!


teri springer said...

That view from your room could have been worse. At one of our local hospitals, the view from most units (including oncology) is of a cemetery....

I took a pic through that porthole too. It's kind of obligatory.

Wish I was there!!


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