Monday, October 27, 2008

Veddy Interesting

Maggie and Evan came for the weekend on Friday after work. We had a relaxing time and got caught up on the honeymoon in Spain. It was fun to chat about the wedding day and all that was said. I did forget to tell you that when the band was done at midnight at the reception, the young people headed into the former cocktail party room that was converted to a late nite spot, complete with a DJ.

What you can't see from any of these pictures was that at the end of the room there was the very last food
station of the evening. It consisted of chef's preparing eggs over easy made to order, as well as hash browns, bacon and toast. Bacon sandwiches seemed to be very popular. This next picture was the final shot of the photographer.
It pretty much says it all. The party's over and someone ought to clean the floor!!!!

We all went to the suburbs yesterday and Ann, my friend took care of Bella because the day was too long to leave her home. Ann sent me pictures of the faceoff between their cat Oscar and Bella but I couldn't for the life of me, get them onto this page. Anyway,

G and I met up with Jayne and Rich for lunch. They are old college friends and here they are front and center amidst their very lovely offspring and significant others. I told them this was worthy of a Christmas card but they are opting for the three grandchildren instead. It's that time of life I guess.

Later in the day we met back up with Maggie and Evan and the rest of the clan for a celebration in honor of
Paige, our little grand niece, for her first birthday. Isn't this a cute photo? It would have been better if I took the photo focused!!!

Here is the little lady ripping through her booty.
And as far as this picture is concerned? The photo says it all.

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teri springer said...

I remember that first birthday cake adventure. Both boys were taken from their highchairs straight to the tub and they both dove face-first into their cakes, hands being apparently too slow!

Thanks for sharing.