Monday, October 20, 2008

A Very Productive Weekend

Let's see. We watched 'Blink', 'The Waitress', 'August Rush', 'Sex In The City', 'Being John Malkovich', and 'Made of Honor'. I think that's all the movies we watched.
For some unknown reason the remainder of the time (which was considerable) was silence from the tv. Normally we have the Food Network on in the background but didn't this time. We probably got more done because of it. Here is one of the pillow cases that Peggy is making for the grandkids.
Ann is making this wall hanging for her husband Ty. He's very into eagles.
JeanAnn is finishing up this Round Robin by adding the last border (almost done appliquing ) just in time to give it back to it's original owner this coming weekend at a get together in Evansville, IN, she attends a couple times a year.

Ann started making these pineapple blocks for a future project that she isn't sure of yet.
And last but not least is this log cabin wreath that Peggy is finishing up. Me? I watched them work.

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dee said...

Boy, you must have really cracked that whip. Gorgeous work. I especially love that eagle. Wow!