Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Wedding

We have come to the wedding day. It seems kinda funny posting this now. Maggie and Evan have been in Spain for a week now on their honeymoon. But ya gotta see, right?
Maggie got ready in her hotel room with a few friends in attendance that spent the night with her. There were no bridesmaids. She couldn't make the choice without having a circus so she chose none. Good choice. It was calming. Here she is, in her dress, waiting to get her hair curled.
Tim did her hair. He's the guy that cuts my hair. I think all us girls around made him a bit nervous.
When we were all dressed, we went down to the lobby of the hotel and had some champagne and a couple of pictures taken. This is a picture of her with some girlfriends (including Maria).
Check out the metal leaves in her hair.
Her bouquet was all paper flowers except for a couple real orchids thrown in for good measure. These are the same type flowers that were put on the arch.
We headed to the gallery to arrive before any guests did.

The bar (yes !!) was being set up as we arrived. It consisted of sparkling and flat water and champagne. Maggie had a room all to herself and a few pals.
The stage was set and the guests started to arrive.

The programs were on the chairs. Their construction was for another blog.
People were coming and getting to know each other, in a bit more civilized attire than the bowling party the night before.
The back room was bustling and everyone was anxious to get the show on the road. First off, Evan and his mom and dad.
Then came the siblings who were also the readers.
Then, here came the bride with you know who.

The wedding was wonderful and short; just what we wanted.
You can see Maggie's flowers better here and you can also see Evan's ring. Now he's hooked.
Are they cute or what?
Now we are off to the reception.


dee said...

Beautiful-all of you. Just plain beautiful.

Cindra said...

You look fabulous!!!! Love that dress on you. Everything is so pretty and yet so simple. Seems like you concentrated on having a good time... best way!

Anonymous said...

Happy dance, happy dance, wedding pictures at last!
Mothers of the Bride and Groom both look wonderful. Couldn't tell you had an 'outty' in that dress!
Evan's mom has a wonderful sense of style too!

Your DD looked wonderfully fabulous but I am sure you knew that. Maggie and Maria chose really beautiful dresses for their weddings. Great sense of style and taste.

I think everything was oh so fabulous and tastefully done that it appeared simple....NOT!

Give yourselves a hug.
Now you can sit back and wait for the grandkids to start falling onto your lap.

pammyfay said...

That is a spectacular photo of you laughing with the girls (with Maggie's back to the camera)!