Saturday, November 15, 2008

All Food All Day

We decided to go to the art fair tomorrow instead of today because it's gonna be cooler and that's a good thing. So, how about some pictures of food?
This picture was taken for the benefit of Genie who only stayed for the weekend and had brought fresh shrimp that was never eaten. After I cooked, peeled and deveined the shrimp, I made fajitas, mainly because we had already had chicken fajitas a couple days before and had lots of stuff left over. This picture was to prove that we made good use of her contribution to the weekend.

This was lunch today for Maggie Z and me. I had fried oysters and
Maggie had wonderful fish tacos that were grilled. Yum.

Conch fritters were a hit at Venice Beach and the
onion rings at Sharkeys were amazing. The best thing by far was what I had last year for the first time with Genie and Mike.
It is called Beach Bread and it so good I could dream about it.

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Cindra said...

I have to know... what is beach bread?