Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

This is weird. I was thinking of Black Friday this morning and looked at this art I got a couple weeks ago in Florida and thought it was telling me something about shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The piece is two pieces of tile that I thought would go nicely in my new bathroom (well, relatively new) because the colors would be perfect and I like the idea of having a gap in the center when hung.

Anyway, I have heard a few shopping stories from yesterday and none seem to be horrible and long check out lines seem to be the worst comment. I did go to JoAnn's for a few necessities that were fifty off with an extra twenty persent off the entire purchase. I took Micky with me and she was just like a kid in a candy store. She is a bit of an inventor at heart so all the gadgets and tools and crafts made her a bit giddy. She kept thanking me for taking her and I proceeded to tell her that she does indeed live in the town and that she doesn't need me to enter a fabric store (she calls it 'material' -sure sign of an outsider) but she explained that it is scary to enter a store that features things of which you know nothing about. Maybe it would be like me going into Auto Zone. I would just wonder why they have a store like that anyone and how does it stay in business? Now a fabric store; there could be one on every corner!!!!

We are heading into Chicago today and hope it isn't a mistake, traffic wise. We are going to look at some real estate that the kids are looking at and want our opinion. I have no problem giving that!!!

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